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Ordering is easy:

1 - If the preferred method over the 'fast and secure
please call 329-78.57.958
retrying at a distance of a bit 'of time if there was no response

2 - You can also write
email: arteecose (at) hotmail.it
indicating what you want
by entering your address and telephone number
sending a second email or phone if no response is of perhaps as spam

Methods of payment:

You can pay as best you are comfortable
At the bank, post offices, online, transfer,
With credit card or charge

We do not mark
burdensome for the extra cost
and the possibility of non-withdrawal
with postage prepaid.

Call or send email to 329-78.57.958
arteecose (at) hotmail.it to request
your preferred payment

Payment by bank ordinary is received by us in about a week
and delivery times are expected in 10 days, payments are immediate recharge
 and the expected shipping time is 1-3 days.

are safe

All our orders are secure and verifiable
using certified mail, registered mail, insured
with the Italian Post and Courier SDA

The packages are accurate, fast shipping times,
timely treatment in the verifications.

If you are interested in purchasing a single article
of low cost, may detect the shipping costs
as a disincentive to purchase and require a system
Economic dispatch ensures that there
Shipping quality and safety
the correct receipt.

We prefer not to use economic service delivery
Priority for which you may get a very late
or even how much you want to see it lost
without even the minimum repayment.

Double box for fragile goods
Special insurance for expensive or special orders

please call (0039) 329-78.57.958

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